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Warranty policy

Thank you for purchasing our solar led light. To provide you with quality products and after-sales service, fully protect your consumer rights is our obligation. Therefore, our company according to the relevant provisions of the state, the implementation of the following warranty service terms:

(1)    Two year free warranty from the date of sale of the product;

(2)    Product failures caused by man-made reasons, including but not limited to: appearance damage and circuit failure due to crushing, bumping and scratching; Failure caused by too high working temperature over 65℃; Failure of device due to improper input of voltage causing components get burned or broken. Function failure due to no sunlight or solar panel not facing south or south by west 5°;Failure or damage due to corrosion; Natural disasters or improper operation which’s not related to product defect itself. Failure caused by problems occur after user’s disassembling privately. No free repair services if the warranty period is expired.

(3)    When the product is repaired; send back together with the warranty card . Note: Warranty service does not bear the cost of shipping products.

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