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Normally available for 10 years

1.In additon to controller  impact on the whole system life, the battery also play a important role .SRS do a thorough study of the  battery:the factors that affect the battery life are: deep cycle time, the working environment temperature life factors

2.Deep cycle time: Using SRS invention patent digital controller ,the deep cycle time is the normal controller 1/5.We are  well done this problem .The more high frequency ;deep cycle ,the battery will more  short .

3.Working Tem: the battery best working tem 15℃~25℃,For every 10 ° Cincrease  temperature, the life of the battery is reduced by half . SRS bury the ;battery  under the ground instead of put it on the pole

4. Electrolyte evaporation:Electrolyte evaporation is serious effect the life of battery. SRS use Nano patent  waterproof technology to protect the electrolyte  loss,then extend the battery life

Combine above  energy saving  80% technology ,and our protection for thebest battery working temp 15°C-25°C ,our battery eact deep recyle is  5 times longer than tranditional

● Market  use the brass copper  for the wire  In order to reduce line losses, SRS Patent cable are pure copper wire

Market controller nake connect by Electrial tapes ,IP65 SRS  patent connector Waterproof rate: IP68

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