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Back up 35 rainy & cloudy days

Led is a semiconductor device, it has the characteristics of switching. common lamp switch times are prone to burnout. I use digital switch constant current technology design, the switch is more than 10.000 - l 00.000 times per second for the human eye, the switching speed of the eyes is always bright. In fact, only half of the time open electricity, half of the time off - no electricity. so we save nearly 50 % of the electricity consumption. the lights per second switch more than 25 times the human eyes can not feel the lamp out.

SRS solar street lamp the longest 35 backup rainy& cloudy days , only 20% power use compare with normal solar street lamp, guarantee whole year light

180luminous efficacy up to 180lm/w

LED light need a constant current source ,and the conventional constant current source consumes about 20% power of the lamp ,but SRS use the digital constant current technology , power consumes only 0.0625w, almost negligible ,so we save nearly 20% power compare,with others.

10 years life

SRS controller integrate with constant current driver

● Capacitor is a indispensable device in normal Constant current driver, the  longest life span:<5 years.

● SRS patent controller uses 4pcs IC to replace the Constant current driver, so there is no capacitor and life span can over 20 years. 

If you use the regular solar street light, you need to change 3-5 times batteries, led lamps and constant current driver in 10years,but 1f you use SRS solar street light. you don’t need to change anything in 10 years, which can help you to save the maintenance cost that is more than the cost of a light.

European QC standard

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