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35 days of battery life

1.SRS invention patent digital on-off frequency control, energy save 50%

*Make use of LEDs working principle ON/OFF feature

*Frequency of Human Visual Ability < 25Hz,

*Frequency of SRS Controller > 100,000Hz.

*Therefore, the light is off for 50% of working time ,but not feel by human eyes,the others is still working all  the time .

*It saves 50% power consumption.

2.Our LED digtial constand current driving technology energy save 20% compared with regular  constant driving technology .

*The  led street light use led light ,it need LED constant driver ,this constant driver need consume 20% power ,but SRS use our invention  Patent Digital Controllerswith regular  consume only 0.0625W power,0.0006% consume of the power  which is neglectable.

3.Smart Dimming Functions after midnight  (S.D.F.)

*As the traffic decreases after mid-night, our SRS Digital Controllers dim the lights gradually and automatically(from 100%...90%...85%...70%...60% ...50%....30%)

*It saves  10-15% power consumption while the effect on comfortability of drivers is minimized,because we prolong controller on off time .

*Reduce the traffic accident rate after the midnight driving ,because they can not fell the lighting power change .

●  In summary the above SRS  technology , we can save more than 80% power .

● That is mean the normal constant control technology use off 100% power , SRS only use 20% ,the normal can use 5 days ,SRS can use more than 25 days with pure solar power ,and our product  working tem lower ,the light brightness decline less , to prolong the led lamp life .

SRS solar street lamp rainy&cloudy back up time  is 5 times longer than traditional

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