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Solar streetlight procurement, these factors can not be ignored

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When  purchasing solar street lamps, many purchasing units pay attention to  the width of the road and the height of the solar street lights.  However, there is no basic concept or neglect of the sunshine hours in  the region. This is not correct.

In  general, the width of the road and the environment in which it is used  determine the power of the solar street light, mainly the power of the  light source. For example, rural roads are generally more than 5 meters wide, and 6 meters of 30W solar street lights are used. After  the general manufacturers have determined the height and power, they  will carry out simple solar panel and battery configuration, but the  relationship between the source power and the solar panel power and  battery capacity is not clear.

The local sun sunshine hours mentioned here refer to the average number of hours of sunshine per year in an area. This data is generally available in Baidu. For  example, in the Baidu Encyclopedia, enter "Jiangmen", in its climate  characteristics, it shows that the annual sunshine is 1700 hours. The average daily equivalent is 1700/365 days = 4.7 hours. Of  course, this sunshine time actually needs to be a little discount when  calculating the solar panel power, because the solar panel can not fully  absorb these energy, generally calculated as 4.7 * 0.8 = 3.8 hours is  relatively safe.

In  addition, we must consider the number of rainy days. This general large  area also has data. For example, the longest rainy day in Guangdong is  18 days. The Guizhou and Sichuan provinces are relatively more likely to  be higher. I have to improve accordingly.

Therefore,  the relevant accessories and technical parameters of solar street lamps  are closely related to the local sunshine time and the longest rainy  day. When  purchasing solar street lights, it is best to find well-known solar  street lamp manufacturers, so that you can get better solutions and  better products. At present, Yuzhiyuan can basically achieve the nationwide guarantee of lighting throughout the year, which is trustworthy!

Sky Recources Solar Technology Co.,ltd launches the civilian solar street light market

Sky Recources Solar Technology Co.,ltd launches the civilian solar street light market

Guangdong Sky Recources Solar Technology Co.,ltd. quickly opened the market after the launch of the civil solar street lamp 208, and was widely praised by market users. At present, the product is not only sold well in the domestic market, but also in the export market. Yuzhiyuan plans to continue to explore this area and continue to develop new civilian solar products.


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