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Pay tribute to those who bring light to the vast rural areas!

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Recently,  Xiaobian found several photos from Yuzhiyuan Solar Technology Co., Ltd.  when the photos were compiled. The pictures show the scenes of the  people installing solar street lights, which are very vivid and moving.

This  is the real scene of the installation of solar street lights in a  certain area in Southwest China. Strictly speaking, the installation of  solar street lights is relatively simple and not complicated. Judging  from the actions of the four installers on the scene, they seem to have  just set up a solar streetlight and they are all local farmers. It is not a professional. It can be seen that the installation requirements for solar street lamps are relatively low. This  is mainly due to the fact that some solar street lamp manufacturers  like Yuzhiyuan Solar have vigorously promoted the use of civil solar  street lamps, making their application and installation very flexible  and simple, which greatly meets the needs of ordinary people. In fact, such an installation scene does not stop there. The following photos are also reflected in such a scene.

By the way, seeing the solar streetlights they installed, can you guess which product is Yuzhiyuan? It is the source of the “Yuanmeng 208 solar street light”, which is the star product of the recent solar street lamp market.

Congratulations to SRS for 19 years, Happy birthday

Congratulations to SRS for 19 years, Happy birthday

Sky Resources Solar Technology Co.,Ltd for 19 years Sky Resources Solar Technology Co., Ltd. (SRS) was established on March 28, 2000 and belongs to the national high-technology enterprise. SRS has established 7 production bases and 27 branches in various places.Main products: solar street light, solar flood light, solar garden light,solar lawn light.Our...


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